Rather than dictate your 3rd Party providers Neoaccount has integrated connections with more than 20 service providers to allow our clients full choice over their business model, at no extra cost. If your preferred provider is not amongst them, Neoaccount is happy to work with you to integrate it into your solution.

Money In … Money Out

We offer over 200 ways of paying money into Neoaccount:

These pay-in methods are working today and customers are free to arrange their own commercial terms with our approved suppliers. If a customer wishes to use a payment service provider that we don’t currently support, we are happy to integrate with them.

…. And Money Out

Once the money is in the account, customers can transact amongst themselves by making “on-platform” payments including;

Or a customer can use their Neoaccount to make “off-platform” payments to outside parties using;

Recurring payments and direct debits provided by partners who specialize in scheduled payment services